Orr Spirit Week Kicks Off Right!

As always, Orr's StuCo does an amazing job decorating and announcing the events of spirit week. Thank you to Ms. Gomez, Ms. Whitney, Mr. Jansen and all the hard working members of StuCo who help to make Orr an amazing place to be. (Our fabulous StuCo advisors are pictures below)
From left to right: Gomez, Jansen, Whitney.
Orr Costume Announcement 
Orr shows their spirit daily but gets especially bold during spirit weeks. Thank you so much to everyone who participated and made this a very special week to remember. You are the best! 
Monday: Western Day! 
From left to right: Dr. Holloway, Ms. Gray, Mrs. Meier, Mr. Jansen
From left to right back row: Courtney, Pierce, Harris, Gray, Echeverria, Gobel, Arostegui, Rudnicki, Oliver, Holloway.
From left to right middle row: Miller, Whitney, Baumgartner, Leger, Gomez.
Front row: students.
Tuesday: Black and Orange Day!
Mrs. Tafolla and Mr. Nunez
Wednesday: Halloween Costume Day!
English department:
From left to right back row: Desmond, Tomlinson, Norvelle, Jackson, Baumgartner, Terpilowski, Hall, Madden, Norton
From left to right front row: Starer, Angulo, Ellender.
Instruction Office:
Left to right: Miller, Arostegui, Silva, Pierce, Echeverria.
From left to right back row: Molina, Alvord, Jansen, Whitney, Gomez
Front row: Jackson.
Mr. Giguere and Mr. Nunez.
Thursday: Pajama Day!
Left to right: Starer, Norvelle, Norton, Desmond, Angulo, Terpilowski, Madden, Oliver.
Friday: Orr Spirit Day!
Coming Soon