Students Enjoy a Fun-Filled Evening at Media All Stars!

After School All Stars participants enjoyed an afternoon of food and inspiration at the Plaza Hotel and Casino on April 19.  Each group presented an anti-bullying video and Orr students were awarded with the Best Actor Award for their presentation.
"At the Media All-Stars banquet we ate food and watched other schools' anti-bullying films. Every school got an award based on what was great about their film. We got the Best Acting Award. My favorite thing about the banquet was watching other schools' anti-bullying films." -Niylla, 7th grade
"We presented our video and ate some good food. I ate some meatballs and bread. It was so good! I wish I could do it again. We won the best acting award and that is cool. I loved everything. It was nice." -Bernardo, 7th Grade
"The banquet was fun. The place looked really fancy and nice. We won the Best Acting Award. They had a red carpet too. They took pictures of us on the red carpet. The Fox 5 lady was there and told her inspiring story as well." -Kyiah