Congratulations to the Winners of the 8th Grade Social Studies Competition!

Students were asked to design a time travel vacation brochure, advertising an ancient civilization that they have learned about. 

Big shout out to the following winners and honorable mentions!

1st place winners: Ashley Momox, Shawn Ellyzon Santiago,Princess Mendoza, Mia Morgan, Eivar Pulido Castillo, Dalonzo Proctor, Lesly Maldonado Jimenez, Melissa Hernandez Ortega

Honorable Mentions: Josephine Montoya, Tadesse, Yurdanos, Treianna Baca, Guadalupe Bravo, Monzerat Talavera-Roman, Tatiana Luna, Andrew Acevez, Genesis Cuevas Villegas, Erick Lagos Garcia

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