Multicultural Literacy Night: A Huge Success

Orr's first annual "Multicultural Literacy Night" was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who showed up and participated to make the event special. We hope you enjoyed the food, music, games, prizes and especially the free books! 
Thank you to all of the translators that came from the ELL Newcomer Support Division to ensure that all of our families were able to enjoy their trip around the world with us.
Special thank you's go to the following major supporters of our event:
RTC- thank you for the bus passes provided to support our students and their families.
Gear-up- thank you for your on-going support of all events and initiatives at Orr Middle School.
UNLV- thank you for your continued support and presence at our events.
A very special thank you to our amazing Community Committee for all their hard work putting this incredible event together. The decorations, prizes, and attention to detail show what dedication our teachers have to their school!